The network criticized the next attempt of AvtoVAZ to improve the LADA 4×4 (Niva)

Niva has long deserved a more complete modernization than changing unnecessary details, this opinion is shared in the network.One of the news portals shared information that AVTOVAZ sent its dealers a questionnaire in which customers are invited to vote on what changes in the car they want to see in 2020.

The list of questions on the modifications of Lada Niva 4x4 has the following points: get rid of the spontaneous rotation of the transmission handles, transfer case and lock, turn on the wipers in automatic mode when using the glass washer, the driver can independently program the interval of operation of the wipers, when the ignition is turned off, the power of the 12V outlet was also turned off to exclude the possibility of short wiring, turn off the low beam and dimensions when the ignition is turned off, continuous operation of lighting in the luggage compartment.

To increase comfort, a new convenient gearbox lever, a low — noise stove, an updated interior filter, armrests, adaptive door upholstery for installing speakers, and other three-chamber seals are offered. They even think about the black trunk shelf, so that it is combined with the interior.

Outside, as usual, almost nothing new is not wanted to give, other injectors with the correct trajectory of the jet and minimize the likelihood of contamination of the trunk door handle.

"Are you kidding us over there? Couldn't do it in four decades?" — these were the words of many users.

This initiative of the Togliatti auto giant to try to update the Field, as usual," smashed to smithereens " by Internet users.

Here are some of the comments: "Maybe you can also ask about the noise, it may not be worth it at all and it's not bad without it", " About the heater in general would be silent, everyone has long replaced it with the eighth, and you just think there!", " And there are plans to develop a normal distributor that does not wedge and the transmission without a hum is in general?»

76 16/01/2021