The five-speed manual box 21074 or otherwise VAZ 2107 five-speed appeared in 1982 together with the seven Zhiguli

This transmission is considered the most advanced among the classic AvtoVAZ gearbox and is still being produced.

The classic family also includes the MKPP: 2101, 2105 and 2106.

At first, this manual transmission was put only on the seven Zhiguli, until in 1987, the management of the concern decided to bring the classic manual transmission to a single denominator.

Since then, all transmissions have been called 21074.

However, the gear ratios of the main pair of the gearbox remained different.

Therefore, special distinguishing marks have been introduced on the speedometer drive:

for 3.9 - blue, for 4.1-red, for 4.3 - without a mark.

The new model of Zhiguli received an upgraded transmission. Based on the five-speed version of the gearbox 2105, Togliatti engineers changed the gear ratio of the main pair of gearboxes from 4.3 to 4.1, and only then to 3.9.

The following ratios were obtained:

In all other respects, this classic three-shaft manual transmission with synchronizers on all forward gears repeats its predecessors.

Widespread breakdowns of the gearbox 2107:

Does not shift: If the shift forks or the lever hinge mounting screws are loosened, the rods are deformed, or the drive is incorrectly adjusted, there may be a failure to engage the transmission.

Overheating: A low oil level can cause the transmission to overheat, which threatens to destroy the gears and bearings.

Noisy operation: Heavy wear of the synchronizers and shaft bearings leads to increased noise in the operation of the gearbox.

Not fixed: If the splines, gears, or box supports are damaged, the transmission often switches off automatically.

Gimbal runout: Loosening the shank nut and subsequent gimbal runout can lead to complete destruction of the manual transmission.

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