About Us

We would like to grew up behind LADA NIVA VAZ, spending childhood in garages with our predecessor and that's why we love these cars.

We care about our automotive compatriots and their owners so we do our best to assist you during repair and drive.

In our shop you can buy tuning parts for rally and offroad,  parts and original car parts which are no longer produced.

We have created an innovative suspension kit which allows you to change the clearance of the suspension - maybe the most interesting thing you can do with you car.

We sell only original  parts for LADA and  Russian cars. Tuning parts passed Russian inspection tests and are accepted for use. Also we are probably the only Russian shop which has official registration and pays all the taxes.

We have world delivery for everywhere.

If you are looking for parts or you need an advice - just ask.

LadaRussia team